Best Security Practices For Small Businesses

If you’re running a small business then there’s no doubt that a lot of your business is conducted via computer or the internet.  Even if you run a retail store you likely take credit cards, have an email list, and perhaps store customer information on your computers.  Not to mention your financials and banking information that is also likely done over the internet.  Because of the sensitivity of all of this information it’s vital that you ensure that you’re running a few best practices to ensure that your business and information is safe from falling into the wrong hands.

Setup A Proper Backup Schedule

If you’re not backing up your information then it’s only a matter of time before you run into issues with this.  There will either be a physical drive failure, a natural disaster, or theft.  Your computer is highly likely to fail at some point in the future, and if you’re not running backups then you’re not protected from these events.

In the event that a malware or ransomware seizes your computer, then a backup is the most important thing that you can possibly have.  If your computer does fall prey to a ransomware, then if you have a backup of everything you have nothing to worry about.  I highly recommend instituting two methods of backup: physical and cloud.  I use Backblaze to ensure that my computer is backed up all the time and I don’t have to remember to run it – it runs in the background.

Outsource Your Complex IT Tasks

If you’re running a business and you’re not an IT expert already, then it’s too much to ask to take that role on yourself.  This is especially true when it comes to important compliance issues.  Outsourcing your IT is a very cost effective way of doing business.  It’s worth it when it can prevent you from costly issues such as security breaches, downtime, and other issues.

According to San Diego IT support specialists AMA Networks, having a managed IT solution in place is one of the most important aspects of any small to medium sized business.  This is because it’s not always obvious for these smaller companies to have an IT solution in place – they think they aren’t big enough.

Educate Employees

I was just reading today on Krebs On Security that there are a number of new and complex phone schemes making the rounds.  It’s important to keep employees abreast of these new developments in the security world.  Holding monthly meetings to ensure that employees know what to look for in terms of scams and phishing is extremely important.  In fact, my business just received a letter urging us to pay over $300 for workplace compliance, however it was a scam.  A very official looking scam.  An employee who is asleep at the wheel and doesn’t know what to be on the lookout for is suspect to falling for these schemes.

If you have any questions about how to prepare your business to be secure in 2019 then leave a comment below with the issues you’re facing!

Solving Computer Riddles – Answers For The Layman

Before I took off on my travels I wanted to ensure that my computer was running smoothly.  I didn’t want to run into any problems while I was traveling, as that could cost me time and money, and I might not always have access to the resources I would need.  The challenge was figuring out how to do this – I’m not really a computer expert, and I would kind of have to start from scratch in order to really make the improvements I needed.

The first step I took was to research on the internet – there are a lot of internet sites that are dedicated to helping people out when it comes to actually improving their computer performance.  One of these sites is No More Sad Computer.  It’s an excellent resource for people like me who aren’t sure what steps to take towards improving their computer performance.

One of the things that I learned was that over time a computer will get cluttered with lots of extra files and folders, and this will bog it down so it will run slower over time.  This happens to any computer system that you have – including your iPhone and other similar things.  Even a Mac will get bogged down after a while.

So the best way to deal with this is to use a software program that has been designed to help you to clean out your computer.  This is a great way to go – it’s easy and you don’t have to be a computer expert in order to do it.  There are programs called registry cleaners that can help you to easily and quickly clean out the Windows registry.  It’s harder to do this by hand, and most experts don’t recommend you even try to do that, as you probably will have no idea what you’re doing.  This RegCure Pro review answered a lot of questions for me.

Another way to improve computer performance is to install more RAM.  This is a physical measure of how much your computer can do at one time.  You can purchase more RAM and install it on your computer.  While this sounds hard, it can actually be quite easy.  I installed RAM on my laptop and it was as easy as pie.

As for traveling, make sure you install some good antivirus software so that you can browse the internet without fear while you’re overseas.  I suggest it to everyone, whether you’re traveling or not.

On Being A Global Traveler

If you’re looking to travel the world, then I think that the first step is education.  Learning about the history and culture of the place that you’re going is a key element of enjoying your trip to its full extent.  But how does one successfully navigate the ranks of books and information out there in order to find relevant and concise information?  The library is a great place to start, and asking your local librarian is also a great idea as they may have leads on other sources of information that you might not think of right away.  Remember: librarians actually have to go to school to be a librarian.

The thing is, learning about a new culture can be a bit of a challenge.  I would propose to most people that they start out with some National Geographic videos.  I think that watching can inspire a bit more curiosity.  One can then move on to books and magazines.  I just think that watching a moving image (when filmed and edited properly) can inspire more wonder about a certain locale than just reading text.  So check out your library’s collection of visual materials.  Or, browse online to find some videos – check out Vimeo first for more high quality content, and then YouTube.  I tend to think of YouTube as kind of a garbage heap, but it does have its uses.

Learning a bit of the local language can also be helpful.  I suggest to most people that they at least try to learn the formalities and some common phrases.  As long as you’re trying and not just falling into the assumption that everyone and their fourth grandma speaks English you will command a lot more respect from the natives.

If you’re looking to learn a new language at home, there are definitely some high quality programs that can help you do just that.  I always stress to people that they should look for a program that emphasizes immersion – real or simulated.  It can be hard to really simulate the true immersion experience of being in another country where the language is spoken fluently, but there are programs that come close.  The other thing that you should definitely try to do is to set aside time each day to study the language, this will help reinforce new vocabulary and help you build upon things you’ve already learned.  Sometimes language learning can be cumulative, so it’s nice to stay on top of things.